Why do you Need Competitive IP Intelligence?


One of the key reasons for having Competitive IP Intelligence as a tool is to stay ahead of your competition. Other critical aspect is to mitigate risks.

What to look for?

Look into competitors objectives, strategies, IP’s / patents, patent families, overall patent portfolio, technology landscape, products and capabilities and Market performance.

Make a controlled dissemination of actionable intelligence for decision-making.

Identify and analyze Patent portfolios to mitigate your risks – identify Freedom to Operate.

Based on the facts on ground, formulate IP Acquisition strategies

Find out:

  • What your competitors are able to accomplish
  • What issues your competitors are dealing with Products & Markets
  • What your competitors believe and invested
  • Your competitor’s future goals – analyze and infer the patent families of competitors and analyze where they are heading

Analyze Patent Families to evaluate strengths and weakness of competitors.

Patent Litigation – Keep an eye on all litigation to assess weaknesses, claims, issues and potential infringements.

Assess competitors Offensive, defensive patent strategies. Also, take the Patent Legal status of the applications into account, including the “pending” patent application to assess the patent family pipeline.


  • Know of the latest advancements
  • Explore the alternative options for designing – Evolve work around strategies
  • Determine the future R&D focus
  • Venture into a particular technology
  • Influence LCM – Life Cycle Management strategies

Takeaway – Adopt Competitive (IP) Intelligence as a tool and stay ahead of competition and improve stakeholder value.

Kameshwar Eranki is CEO of VajraSoft Inc. He is author of the eBook – Managing Innovations for Profitable growth. For free download of the eBook, click here.

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