Recent Patent Infringements – What Thoughts ring in your mind?

Recent Patent Infringements:

1) Microsoft announced that Foxconn will pay for Microsoft’s Patent Portfolio infringement. For details read this.

2) Apple Wants Chunk Of $1B Samsung Patent Award Reinstated, For details read this.

3) Samsung’s ChatON App was in news as it is embroiled in Patent Infringement Suit

4) Gene patents infringements – This is the most controversial of all – USA Today has an interesting article entitled – Gene Patents Full of Holes – The very title says it all – read this to get a perspective on gene patenting and myriad of issues around it.  Some exclusive quotes – “Today, most things under the sun (including images of the sun) seem claimed by patent, copyright or trademark holders. Apple sued a grocery chain for using an apple as its symbol. Though God might have created the apple, he failed to trademark it.”

Now – the key question – Are so many patent infringements by design or coincidence or may be mix of both? As competition is fierce and becoming hotter, every company is looking to hedge it’s bet and gain competitive edge and in the process get into the thin lines of the fringes – and the results are obvious. So, what are your thoughts? what does it ring in your mind to move forward?.

Kameshwar Eranki is President & CEO of VajraSoft Inc. VajraSoft Inc. IP Products and Solutions include – Thunderbird IP Application Suite, Thunderbird Patent Portfolio Management System, IP Cost-O-Meter, IP Monetizer and IP Analytics.


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