PCT Application – Key Aspects You Need to Know

Determine the “Scope of Protection” you are seeking for your invention. If it is global or if you need to seek IP protection in multiple countries (other than the country you are residing) then PCT application filing must be on your radar as plausible option.

Identify which Receiving office (RO) you want to send your application.

Determine if you want to do Electronic filing. WIPO offers PCT-SAFE (Secured Applications Filed Electronically) software for filing. Note that some fees are lower when you file electronically. A International Search can cost you between 410 to 2,400 US dollars. For details on fee refer to – WIPO – PCT link.

It takes about 30 months from the filing date to get the international application (claims) fulfilled; and then follow with PCT National phase application.

Note: Based on the PCT international search report and the written opinion necessary amendments can be made to the claims in the application and initiate National stage procedure.

Appoint patent agents in each foreign country to prosecute your application locally.

Postpones the major costs associated with international patent protection

Takeaway – PCT application needs to be filed within a year of the priority application filing. PCT application route allows you to differ the filing costs and decisions to later point of time (typically 30 or 31 months) saving money as well as provisioning IP protection.

Kameshwar Eranki is CEO of VajraSoft Inc.

About VajraSoft Inc. – VajraSoft Inc. is Intellectual Property (IP) Management Software company, helping customers manage innovations and monetize IP’s. Our award winning products empower businesses and IP law firms to automate the patent filing cost estimation process of creating cost estimation quotes for filing a patent in any country globally. VajraSoft Inc. PatFolio helps customers with Invention Disclosures Management, Drafting Patent Applications, filing, managing patent prosecution life cycle and patent maintenance.

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